Success Stories

In the area of socio-economic programme this organization is initiating programmes like Income Generation Programmes, Self-Employment Programmes, Credit Unions, Self Help Groups, Low-cost Housing Schemes, Sanitation Programmes etc. with a view to enhance the socio-economic situation of the weaker sections.

  1. Construct 94 new houses for the homeless.
  2. Repair and renovation of 163 houses and 250 sanitary toilets.
  3. Family welfare schemes like beneficiary programmes, 205 families are assisted with Rs. 400/-per month for each family.
  4. Provided educational Lumpsum scholarships to 207 students.
  5. Introduction of Self Help Groups and we have so far formed 3017 SHG’s.These SHG’s have initiated various self-employment programmes such as cow rearing, goat rearing, poultry, pappadam making, pastries, soap making, curry powder making, rice flour business, wheat flour making, rice business, candle making, umbrella making, tapioca business, petty shops etc.
  6. NIDS is giving special emphasis in the area of Agriculture by organizing farmer’s forums and conducting meetings for the dissemination of new techniques in the agriculture sector.
  7. NIDS has formed women’s groups at the village level to create awareness regarding women’s issues.
  8. NIDS is actively engaged in the rehabilitation of the disabled and mentally retarded.
  9. NIDS has formed legal literacy programmes to create awareness regarding legal matters among common people.
  10. NIDS is striving specially for the uplift of the Dalits and Backward Communities.